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This event is geared to answer all those questions that the newcomer does not even know to ask. This full featured event will include Equestrians showcasing they're talents and skills. Expertise in the marshaled arts will include: heavy fighters, light fighters (Rapier), youth combat, and archery. Classes in Arts and Sciences will also be scheduled through out the day.

Display of Heraldry shall be encouraged, so bring out your seldom used banners. So come forth one and all, enjoy our hospitality while we reveal the mysteries of the SCA to those new to the society. For those veterans out there who wish give guidance and instruction, we most welcome your skills and time.

Cumberland Centre
3407 Gillespie Lane
Columbia, TN, 38401
July 6th - 8th 2007

Royalty to be Present
We are most happy to welcome their Majesties Boru and Deirdre, to be present at our fair event.

Merchants for this event are more than welcome. Please contact our merchantcrate with your intent and discription of your wares so we may include you in our web site about the event. We will be happy to include a link to your web presence as well.

Elena de Toledo (MKA Laura Reece) lreece@gmail.com_spamblocker

Site Particulars
Site Opens: Friday July 6th at 5pm and closes Sunday July 8th at 11am.

Best route to I-65. If coming from Alabama take the interstate north. Travel to Exit 37 Hwy. 50 Southeast. For Cars or Trucks: Aprox 100 yards turn left onto Joe Reeves Rd. Take next left onto Luke Moser Rd. Travel until you come to Gillespie Rd. and take right. Cumberland Centre will be to your left after riverbed. If it has recently rained, see following instructions instead.

For Trailers or after heavy rains: After turning onto Hwy. 50 Southeast, travel to Hwy. 431 and turn left (North). Turn Left at the Old Belin Store and continue to Gillespie Ln and turn left again. Cumberland Centre will be to your right.

Parking: Parking next to the main Barn is limited, and there is a Orchard in its infancy. The Cumberland Centre has asked that we please respect the roped off areas. An please do not park against the trees. This causes serious damage to their roots.

Animals - Dogs are welcome to site. However due to recent case of Parvo at the site, proof of vaccinations for Parvo or signing of a waiver will be required before animals may enter site. Please follow link {Animals} for additional information about bringing your pets. Location:
Shire of Glaedenfeld (Columbia, Tennessee)