Glory X

Coming soon to a mountain site near you -- THE SEVEN PATHS OF GLORY!!!

Yes, it's once again time to flee the summer heat and take to 7,000 feet of gorgeous, wooded altitude. This year, Glory brings you a seven-fold quest -- an opportunity to win renown and wow your friends with your multiple talents. If you can tread the Path of Strength (heavy fighting), the Path of Steel (fencing), the Path of the Arrow (archery), The Path of Flying Daggers (Thrown Weapons) The Path of Knowledge (Arts & Sciences) the Path of the Word (the bardic arts) and the Path of Service (volunteering) YOU have a chance to win fame and Glory forever! Can anyone walk ALL SEVEN paths? Yes, they can! Those not authorized in martial arts will have an alternate, educational activity in which they can earn participation points. For the bardically shy, a Poetry in Performance class will not only erase your stage fright, but supply a short, period poem that you -- yes, even you -- can perform!

Come enjoy the hospitality of the White Rose Inn, the revelry of the Shrine Walk, the sunset peace of the Labyrinth, the comedy of the Stick Horse Joust! Gape at the truly twisted fighter games Master Gwillim has concocted to challenge, stun and amuse you! Journey to the exotic sands of Darbuka for a night of heart-pounding drumming and heart-ravishing beauty! All under the cool, gentle, nearly bugless breezes of the endless Wyoming sky!

For more information:

Event Location
LCCC Veedauwoo Natural History Site, Buford Wyoming
(same location as Glory VIII and Glory IX)

Site is Wet

Take your best route to I-80 in Wyoming. Take exit #335 (Buford) and turn to the North. Follow the road to the right at the mailboxes and continue on the dirt road for 4.4 miles. The road can be very rough with steep hills, deep washboards and ruts. Please drive slowly and carefully. There will be an SCA sign at the turnoff. Turn into the campground on the left. Parking is on a meadow and somewhat limited, so please be polite and careful when parking.

Site Environment
The average daytime temperature of this area in July is in the 80-90s, and a brief afternoon rain shower is common. Please keep yourself hydrated and sunscreened. As this is a wilderness area, please be aware of the local wildlife and plant life. We are in the mountains, and the site is VERY dry. Please think ahead in regards to personal needs. There is no cutting of trees/branches/shrubs, but grass and scrub can be cleared to flatten out tent space. If you dig a hole, fill it back in.

This is a mountain site, elevation 8000 ft. Unless you live above 5000 ft, you will notice the effect of thinner air, regardless of your fitness level. You will fatigue more quickly and need more frequent hydration. Please take this into account and stay safe and healthy.

Fire Restrictions
The event policy on fires will be determined close to the time of the event and will adhere to site regulations and current state fire restrictions. Fire restrictions will be clearly posted in the Town Center, and may be subject to change during the event. Please check the posted fire policy each time you consider a fire. Remember to bring a fire extinguisher, as it may be required in the vicinity of any fire.

Pets on Site
Dogs need to be on leash unless involved with approved coursing activities. Owners must clean up after their critters. All poop goes in the trash. Loose dogs will be impounded and their owners may be removed from site at the autocrat's discretion. Any injuries caused by loose dogs will be the sole responsibility of the dog's owner and under the jurisdiction of modern law.

This site has no potable water, but the nearby Buford Trading Post has potable water available. Water by the glass will be available in the town center area. Each person must bring their own personal use water for drinking, washing, and cooking. Due to elevation and time of year, it is recommended that each person bring two gallons of water per day for personal use.

Nearby Resources
The Buford Trading Post is on the South side of Interstate 80, just east of the Buford exit (exit #335). It is open 6am to 9pm daily, with gas & restrooms available 24 hours a day. In addition to gasoline and a complete line of Convenience store items, they have a pizza oven to bake fresh pizzas, sell beer and cigarettes, as well as a complete line of snack and convenience foods and items and ice.

Cheyenne is 27 miles to the east on I-80, and has ample shopping and food options. Laramie is 24 miles to the west on I-80, and also has numerous stores and restaurants. Location:
Barony of Unser Hafen (Buford, Wyoming)