Pirates, Knaves and Idiots!

Avast, me hearties! The Bountiful Shire of Noiregarde would like to welcome all ye Land Lubbers and the like to join in on a weekend o’ fun at Pirates, Knaves and Idiots!

Thursday thru Sunday, June 21-24

Participation fee is a mere $10 (plus a $3 non-member charge)
Wee lads and lasses 13 years of age and under are free!

Feastin’ fer both Friday and Saturday eve will cost the mere pittance of a one-time only $10.
Lads and lasses 12 years of age and under are just $5 to include both meals.

Breakfast shall be offered both days for a donation of $2 each morning. If we find that we don’t meet our costs, we shall come and plunder more from of all of ye.

And best of all… the camping be FREE!

T' join in on the festivities, steer yer clipper t' just across the eastern Wyomin' border into the Kingdom o' Outlands. Once thar, take the 1st exit off I-90, then turn left and go o'er the bridge where the road will turn immediately t' gravel. Follow this headin` fer about one league (or in land lubber terms, fer about three miles). Here, begin lookin' starboard… or t' yer right… fer pre-idiot activities. SCA signs will be posted Thursday. Directions t' the site will also be left at the gas station jus' t' the right off of I-90 in the wee town o' Beulah.

Shiver me timbers!
Actvities are t’ include Rapier on Friday an Saturday with Heavy weapons Saturday only as Steelbender and Martin have previous engagements. Thrown weapon activities shall be marshal pending…

So bring yer Sea Legs and prepare t’ have a scallywaggin’ good time!

An “after dark” curfew will be well enforced for lads and lasses 17 and under. At this time, the youth gathering will commence in the French quarter…

So let th' partyin' begin!

If you have any questions, please contact Foacault - foacault@yahoo.com

Shire of Noiregarde (Beulah, Wyoming)