Russian participants to re-enact battle for Constantinople

Re-enactors in Russia are preparing an elaborate re-enactment of the 1453 battle for Constantinople, in which it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks.

M'Lord Peter posted to the SCA Byzantine email list on Yahoo:

Hope you all read Russian (there is a ton of great info from noble families, food, medicine, law, trade, mosaic making, etc). The event organizers are building a small replica of Constantinople and a separate site for the Turkish army with a functioning model of a Turkish ship. They expect about 500 or more participants. Participants must assume their allocated roles, and spend 5 days in the camp (Romei or Turks). I am going only on the 8th, unfortunately, and at least will be able to take the pics and see who won (will post the pics on this group when I get back). Anyone interested in joining for the trip?


For those who cannot read Russian, here are the links to costumes: