Over 7,400 attendees At Estrella War XXIII

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, SCA Internal Media/Website Content Coordinator for Estrella War XXIV, reports that over 7,400 people attended last year's War.

Her Grace writes:

With the completion of final reports for Estrella War XXIII (Feb 2007), the Kingdom of Atenveldt is pleased to announce that slightly more than 7,400 people attended the event at the new event site in Florence, AZ. This figure includes merchants and is larger than the preliminary gate count of approximately 6,100 people announced at Atenveldt Kingdom Court on the last day of the event.

February 2007 was the first year the annual Estrella War was held at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ. The new site offers a larger, more spacious venue for camping, medieval activities, and merchants row at Estrella War.

"We are incredibly pleased with how well the new location worked in 2007, and look forward to using the site again next year" said Mistress Isabeau della Farfalla, one of the Main Event Coordinators for the 2008 Estrella War. "Now that we've been there a year, we can make some adjustments and really take advantage of the additional space offered at the new site."

Next year's Estrella War XXIV will be held Feb 12-18, 2008 at the same site used in 2007. See the Estrella War website for more information about the February 2008 event, including revised FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and full information for:

  • Preparing for the event (travel, weather, on-site/off-site services, pre-registration, land and camping)
  • Activities at the event (Arts & Sciences, combat, equestrian, archery, tours and demos)
  • Places to know at the event (merchants row, heralds point, period encampment, volunteer point)
  • The Estrella War Treaty (what it is, how/when it's written each year, what it contains)
  • Event administration (who runs the war, the staff list and how to join the staff)

If you're considering scheduling a winter vacation to attend the event next year, your planning should start with looking at the new Estrella War website!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP (Katie Richardson)
SCA Internal Media/Website Content Coordinator
ESTRELLA WAR XXIV (Feb 12-18, 2008
More details at www.estrellawar.org
Mattkatie2@ cox.net [OMIT SPACES]