Talons of Fury

This weekend will be a fun-filled event with a three-person team competition. Each team will be a random draw and consist of an archer, a heavy fighter, and a fencer.

28011 WCR 56

Fees: Whole weekend: $15.00 for adults, $10.00 for children (15 and under), Kids 5 and under are free. Day-Trippers $10.00 per day. The $3.00 non-member service fees apply in all situations.

Autocrat: THL Angus Montgomery the Forrester, Dwayne Beuthel, lord-forrester@comcast.net

Co-Autocrat: Lord Robert Mangus (Bobby), Bobby Mortensen bobbygm@aol.com

Site opens at 3pm on Friday, and closes at 5pm Sunday

Directions: Where: The wooded pastures to the north-east (Site of Cattle Raids) Take your best route to I-25 and Hwy 34 and go east, stay on Hwy 34 around Greeley, do not take the Hwy 34 business route exit into Greeley. When you come to the Hwy 85 and Hwy 34 junction look for the Fort Morgan exit and stay on Hwy 34 to the town of Kersey, just past Kersey look for the County Road 56 sign and turn left onto Hwy 56 follow to the dead end and turn left - follow the dirt road onto the site. Signage is planned.

Restrictions: Fire restrictions are unknown at this time (none currently).

This is a WET site. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash (with some one or some thing unmovable attached to the other end) or in a pen. There is wildlife in the area including: deer, coon, coyote, etc. so sensible precautions to safeguard your camp and self are expected of everyone.

The fun this weekend will also include, a grand boffer melee, nighttime torch-light tourneys, and various kids activities throughout the weekend. Sir Flanagan has the heavy fighting well in hand with some great events lined up, plus the return of the bar-room brawl, (please only bring items that you would bring to a bar). Also back this year, and bigger and better than ever, Lady Drahomira will be holding the Knights and Squires "Knight" shoot. She has lined up a stellar cast of Knights and Squires for all to shoot Combat arrows at. Sir Kronos and Don Tristan have the fencing events taken care of, but they are a big secret. Lady Thalia and her crew promise us a great time out on the archery range as well. There will be a field set up just for the kids to use for boffer fighting. One of the events for the teams will have thrown weapons included, so if you have any axes or spears please bring them. Sir Cadfarch has agreed to run an IKCAC on Sunday morning, so for any combat archers this is a chance to compete against the best in the known world. So bring all of your combat archery gear. We hope to have a couple of merchants so be ready for some great shopping as well. This is a great event for everyone, whether you are interested in fighting, archery, fencing, shopping or just to kick back and relax. Each member of the team will compete in their individual events, plus as a team they will throw axes, shoot combat archery, throw spears, and compete against the kids in an all out boffer war, plus many more fun things that will appeal to everyone. Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Kersey, Colorado)