Lost Caravan

Many years ago there was a caravan went missing in the wild nothingness that lies between our mighty Baronies. For nearly a decade we have been searching for the Lost Caravan. During every one of those terrible years we have sent out scouts, strained our ears for any news, and have been lighting a beacon at their last camp site in hopes of guiding them back to us. Finally our search is over.

But we have to ask, where have they been? What have they seen?

Stumbling out of the great unknown, our dear friends have returned to us at last. Where have they been? What have they seen? What new wonders do they bring with them?

If you are as eager to know as we are then come and join us for the Return of the Lost Caravan June 22nd to the 24th .

To commemorate their return we will be hosting the following activities.

Third annual Baronial Archery Championship.

After the days activities we will light the bonfire, around which will be had many songs and stories about where they have been and what they have seen.

From Eastern Townships Autoroute 10, exit 90 to Waterloo. Take the 243 (left at exit) through Waterloo and bear right after Warden. After Ste. Anne de la Rochelle, take route 220 (hard right on the curve) towards Bonsecours. Go through Bonsecours and it is the first house to the right of the wayside cross (#810 route 220)

Site Address:
Dudley Farm
810 Rte. 220
Bonsecours, QC J0E 1H0

Site Opens : 4pm Friday
Site Closes: 4pm Sunday

Site Fees:
Thanks to a rebate on site cost we can now pass the savings on to you.
Adults: 15$
Children 10$
Children under 6: free

A small fund raising stew will be available for Saturday night. It is RSVP ONLY. Contact co-Steward for more details.

Price is set at 7$/head


Make Checks payable to: Barony of Ile du Dragon Dormant - SCA Inc.

Autocrat contact info:
Lord Franco di Domenico
franco (at) sabledawn (dot) ca

Co Steward: Lord Angall Ó Fearghail
angall (at) sabledawn (dot) ca Location:
Barony of Ile du Dragon Dormant (Bonsecours, Quebec)