Journey Down the Silk Road

This is a day where the folks from the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, ( and the folks from the local Middle Eastern style dance and music community can come together and share a day of fun in the sun!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007
2:00 PM

The Oxford's Farm
747 Verdant Lawn Ln
Charlottesville, VA, 22901 view map

More Info:

This will be the MJZ Drum and Dance event for the months of May and June!! Event begins at 2pm with a gentle warmup for all participants, with an introduction of the teachers and presenters for the day.

Classes end at 6:00 pm, for time to chill, do henna, and enjoy a great meal. Hafla begins at twilight! Invite a friend to come out and enjoy the music and food!

Teachers are coming in from all over Virginia!! Richmond, Fredricksburg, VA Beach, Lovingston, and Charlottesville teachers have volunteered to share their knowledge in some really great classes!!

The classes offered are:

  • Drumming, Basic and Intermediate Middle Eastern Rhythms
  • Drum Circle etiquette for drummers and dancers
  • Drummer/ Dancer communication
  • Where to find a drum circle/ drummers.
  • Differences between dance styles
  • Costuming for Middle Eastern dance and persona
  • Bellydance Myths
  • Dancing Sacred Shapes
  • Dancing with Props
  • Dance combinations with Zills
  • VOI .. Introduction to…
  • Introduction to Improvisation
  • American Tribal Style dance
  • Middle Eastern dance for men
  • Oriental dance for Children!

Who is Isenfir? and Who is MJZ?
Isenfir is the local SCA group, that is, the Society for Creative Anachronism. ( or Our local group consists of members who study many different places and aspects of medieval history. How does Middle Eastern tie in to medieval re-enactment? There is a growing number of people within the SCA who have chosen the Middle East as their area of study and re-enactment, and the numbers are growing every day. There are some really incredible teachers who share their time and knowledge with their fellow SCA members at events such as “University” or “Pennsic”. For more information, come to the event and ask Brynjolf the Redbeard to tell you more about the SCA, or any of the event coordinators.

MJZ, or Min el-Jbal el-Z’arra (Tribe of the Blue Mountains) is a Middle Eastern percussion and dance group that grew together out of a love for the music and the dance. We strive to provide a entertaining performance, incorporating movements and rhythms from many different places, while having a really great time!!

Middle Eastern cuisine will be available for purchase throughout the day for just $10 per person. Indian food will be available starting at 2pm, and other delectables starting at 6pm.

Any local teacher who would like to give a demonstration of her class should contact me, I'd love to have every teacher in town (and out of town) represented in some way. If you can't make it, give us some flyers to have available... We should have some awesome teachers giving demo's of their class styles, from all over Virginia!!!

This is also an "Introduction to Bellydance" type of event. If you would like to teach, vend,or just meet-n-greet and hang out...for those new to bellydance, check out all the teachers, try classes, pick up flyers, hang out!!! Please let me know, we'd love to have you!

All experience levels welcome! Drummers AND dancers!!

Are you new to bellydance? Had a few classes? Wanted to take classes, but weren’t sure? Didn’t know which teacher to choose?

We will have information available on all of the local dance teachers, along with their contact information. Also, we will have information on all of the featured teachers for this event!

Come on out and enjoy learning! It is a wonderful thing to share knowledge and experience the dance from different points of view!

Join us as we take a walk down the silk road and enjoy the sights and sounds of our adventure. Location:
Shire of Isenfir (Charlottesville, Virginia)