Known World Scribal Gathering changes venue

Lady Kayleigh McWhyte, Coordinator for the Known World Scribal Gathering at Pennsic 36, has announced that there has been a change of venue for the event.

Lady Kayleigh writes:

To all who had been planning on attending the Known World Scribal Gathering at Pennsic, please be advised that the location has been changed.

We will now be assembling within the East Kingdom Royal Camp, at the same time and date as previously scheduled (Monday, August 6, from 5pm to 8pm). As before, scribes are encouraged to bring their portfolios and their smiling selves, newcomers are most welcome, introductions are encouraged, and Laurels are encouraged to include scans of their early work in their folios as well.

Heartfelt thanks to Their Majesties Gryffith and Aikaterine and all who have helped make this possible.

We now return to your regularly scheduled list activities... Please feel free to forward this missive in its entirety as you deem appropriate.

Yours In Service,

Lady Kayleigh McWhyte
Coordinator, Known World Scribal Gathering at Pennsic 36

That would be...

Mistress Kayleigh McWhyte


That's Mistress Kayleigh McWhyte

For those who were unaware, Kayleigh McWhyte was elevated to Laurel this Saturday the 23rd of July at Their Majesties' Archery Championships! :) Vivat!

Teresa Giani


The story was contributed prior to the elevation. Given the glad occasion, does not "regret the error" this time, but rather we happily stand corrected! Congratulations!