Update: Trust Fund Established for Baron Koppel

Baron Koppel, a long-time SCA member having serious modern-world health and legal problems, was the subject of a recent article on SCAtoday.net. We have now received an update from Baron Koppel's protege'. Related story: http://scatoday.net/story.php?search_id=N-20030618-205527-0002

Lady Gwalchrhi ferch Llywellyn writes:

Arrangements have been made for someone to live in the home with him if we can get him released at the next Court Hearing also a Trust Fund has been set up for him, Many of his Personal treasures have been put in storage for him, Progress is being made on his behalf, But any help is appericated, Here is the address for donations to be sent.

Kenneth Levinson Assistance Fund
Bank of America
4901 N. Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308-4692

Anything you can do to help is a god send and if you happen to know someone who is an Ace Attorney, and member of the Florida Bar, who is an expert with Civil and Family Law and willing to work Pro Bono, Mitch says he will take all the help he can get. We are trying to involve the ACLU as we believe there were Civil Rights Violations in How this was Handled, Granted he needed and needs help, just not quite this way.

If you have questions or I can help in anyway, Please do not hesitate to contact me. I remain,

Lady Gwalchrhi ferch Llywellyn
Protoge' of Master Koppel fun Baurieux, KSCA, OP

Lady Gwalchrhi can be reached by email to gwalchrhi@yahoo.com .

Reprinted by permission. SCAtoday.net staff members are not personally acquainted with the parties involved in this fundraising effort.

Benifit auction for Master Koppel

I would like to anounce that a silent auction fo bennifit Master Koppel will be held July 12th at Rez Textillia Hosted by shire Storm in St. Petersburg, Fl. We count on the generous people of Trimaris to help us in this endevor. We are also looking for a few more items to be placed on auction. Thank you for any help. Ld. Adrian of Myrtlewood mka Jay King Jfk71750@aol.com