Vivat for Eleanora von Ratzeburg, Drachenwald's newest Pelican

Genevieve la flechiere reports on the elevation of Eleanora von Ratzeburg to the Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Genevieve writes:

Greetings good cousins, from Genevieve la flechiere,

I return from a lovely Coronation: perfect warm summer weather, a beautiful wooded setting by the lake for a pavilion encampment, court held beneath a huge spreading tree, by the lakeside.

I've rarely seen a more fine outdoor setting for a Society event.

Further, I return with glad news:

On Friday night at one of their last courts, Their Majesties Maximilian and Marguerite placed Lady Eleanora von Ratzeburg on vigil to contemplate joining the Order of the Pelican.

Aethstan of Wortham, Eleanora's Pelican, had the pleasure of begging the boon on her behalf.

As one of the event stewards for Coronation, Eleanora had been asked to arrange a vigil tent, and with her typical efficiency and thoughtfulness, all was in readiness - without her realizing that she'd be using it herself!

In keeping with her wishes, the attending Pelicans announced an open vigil, that everyone might have a chance to speak to Eleanora and share their thoughts and good wishes.

At their final court, Eleanora accepted this new status from their Majesties, and joined her new Companions.

Master AEthstan as a Pelican spoke eloquently of service. Among other things, he said that people can serve from guilt, from duty, or from passion.

Both guilt and duty will taint the service given, however - and that only service from passion has the lasting power, and the potential to enrich both recipient and giver.

Sir John Peregrine's words as a knight were conveyed by Graf Gerhardt, confirming Eleanora's chivalry and commitment to the arts of war in the Society, and of her faithful support to Pan Vitus Polonius in Crown tourney over several years.

Mistress Bridget Greywolf, newest companion of the Laurel, stood to speak of Eleanora's commitment to the arts - of how she learned to take joy in her costuming, and now teaches Bridget in turn more about sewing.

(Lady Eleanora is notable especially for wearing many splendid and distinctive headdresses suitable for a 13th century German noblewoman.)

Countess Honor of Restormel's words as a Lady of the Rose were brought to court by Fru Johanna aff Hukka, who spoke of Eleanora's courtesy and constancy.

Master AEthstan gave Eleanora his own hood, beautifully embroidered with the Pelican badge by Lady Racaire. This was one of the many, many hoods that were sold a couple of years ago to raise funds for the kingom - and Lady Eleanora sold more hoods than anyone else.

Fru Johanna gave Eleanora her own Pelican medallion, made by the hand of Master Terafan Greydragon (who currently is serving in the ancient lands of Outremer). It was a medallion made for a seneschal, and appropriately enough, Eleanora stepped up as kingdom seneschal at this event.

And as is tradition in these lands, Eleanora was vested with the kingdom Pelican cloak, of dark blue velvet worked with a Pelican badge.

For the newest companion of the Pelican, vivat vivat VIVAT!