Middle Kingdom Grete Boke Online

The Middle Kingdom Grete Boke, a culmination of the efforts of many scribes and artisans over several years, is now displayed online.

The Grete Boke is a beautifully displayed history of the earlier years of the Middle Kingdom with illuminated pages and calligraphy, bound with period construction in tooled leather. Due to its status as a one-of-a-kind treasure of the kingdom, it makes rare appearances at special events in the kingdom. Normally, the Boke is stored in a climate-controlled room at a university in Michigan.

Thanks to the efforts of Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr, the Grete Boke is now displayed in images for the pleasure of all the Known World.

While the site is a work in progress, the beauty of these pages is there for all to enjoy. Please note that the pages are copyrighted work. Viewing is welcome, but permission to reproduce the art and information contained in them must be obtained first. For information on reproducing the art in the Grete Book, please contact the Middle Kingdom Chronicler at chronicler@midrealm.org.