Journey to the Crusades

The Canton of Caer Gelynniog is pleased to announce their event, Journey to the Crusades. It will be held September 21 - 23 at Pleasant Grove in Palmyra, VA. There will be archery, thrown weapons, rapier, and heavy fighting (including 3-man-melees).

Archery Target competition
Competition will be for the most fun to shoot and most original targets. Entries will be voted on by the archers. Individuals or groups are welcome to compete. No more than 2 entries per person/group. All targets must pass marshal inspection before use. All entrants must give notice of their intent to compete to the archery marshal or MoAS by September 1. Please include a brief description of the target as well as range requirements. (Target does not have to be complete for you to send a notification of intent.)

If your entry will not be able to accompany you to the event, please let us know as soon as possible.

Tapestry competition
Beginner and Advanced categories for tapestries with fighting themes. Pieces must have been created within the last 2 years. Documentation required for advanced entries.

Scroll Illumination competition
Submit at least 2 scrolls from the approved list of Kingdom awards, prizes will be given for best calligraphy, and best period embellishment. They should be made for Prince Logan and Princess Rowan to use when they ascend the throne. Documentation suggested but not required.

Embroidered Tokens to send with your beloved fighter to carry into battle:
Tokens, trappings, and other wearable or carryable items. Categories will be beginner and advanced. Handwork only, please. Documentation required for advanced entries.

10th-14th Century Practical Items
These should be documented things that can be used but not consumed. Things like pouches, eating utensils, furniture, camping amenities, etc. Documentation is required. Location:
Canton of Caer Gelynniog (Palmyra, Virginia)