Subscriptions available for Pennsic Independent

Mistress Heirusalem, publisher of the Pennsic Independent reminds those attending - and those NOT attending - this year's Pennsic War, that subscriptions to the daily paper are available online.

Heirusalem writes:

Yep, it's that time of year again. Time for my annual announcement! As we're preparing for Pennsic, don't forget to get the Known World's ONLY daily newspaper, the Pennsic Independent!

You can subscribe or purchase your classifieds online (click "original article"). PDF subscriptions are still the cheapest and best value! You can print your PI and see it in COLOR! If you want to pay in advance and make sure you get your daily paper at Pennsic, or have it mailed home, this is also the best way to do it. AND you can order a pristine set to pick up at the end of War. PDF subscriptions have gone up slightly this year, but are still only $7 for all eight issues, plus back issues from previous years! Mail-home subscriptions have gone up slightly, too, as postal costs have risen.

Don't forget! The more we sell in advance, the easier it is for us to make our costs at the beginning of the War. PI, while a commercial enterprise, really doesn't make any money. We pride ourselves in providing a great service to all war attendees and those at home who are unable to come. We've also have great response from our men and women who are serving in the more dangerous parts of the world and missing us. If you know someone who is serving overseas, a gift subscription to the PDF version is a fabulous way to let them participate in the world's friendliest war.

Hope to hear from you soon! Please forward this as widely as possible.

Thank you all!

p.s. Merchants can contact me at or check the web site for information on advertising.