Warrior's Gate Picnic

We would like to invite all of you to the celebration of birthdays this Saturday, June 9th. On this joyous occasion we would also like to take the time to celebrate the time Lord Cynan has spent in the Stronghold.

Okay, here's the details...
When: 9 Jun, 1100
Where: 705 "area" pavilions (if not at th one we did Benika's BDay at, then the one right around the corner. They are in sight of each other).
Why: Multiple Birthdays and Lord Cynan's Departure
What: Picnic, cookout, and Fighter practice (heavy and light)
Who: YOU!!!!!!! And our friends from Wes's.

I have totally lost the bubble on this though, so I have no idea what to do as far as "stuff" to bring or anything. I will bring myself, my armour, and my swishy stick stuff. Will most likely leave my brain at the dorm... Trust me, it's been one of those weeks already...

I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE GARB (I WILL BE IN GARB). Realize that our friends from Wes's probably won't be (unless we can convince Julie, and Smiley should be in garb if he wants any "action"), but that doesn't mean we as members of the SCA can't show our friendly face to those who are not part of our groups. Open arms and all that, wot?

I will be heading down to the field area relatively early so that I can receive people there and such. Hopefully you all will b set up for sign ins and such. Just let me know!

I picked 1100 by the way so we can be sure to have a grill fr us. I will guard it until the rest of you show up. Location:
Stronghold of Warriors Gate (San Air Force Base, South Korea)