Windmasters June War Practice

Their Excellencies are pleased to announce Windmasters June War Practice: Return to Gunther's Farm. Once again, Sir Gunther will open his fields and woods for our martial endeavors on Saturday, June 16, 2007.

This site is located less than one hour north and east of Raleigh, NC. Armored fighters, rapier fighters, combat archers and siege engineers are all encouraged to attend. We will once again be having a potluck and bonfire and hope all will make plans to remain for the evening's festivities. If you are new to our Barony or the SCA itself, please take this opportunity to come out and meet some good folks in an informal setting.


11:00am Armor inspections and warmup fights for rapier and armored fighters.
12:00noon Warlord tourney for armored and rapier
12:30 Triad, rally, flank, and charge drills for both rapier and armored using the teams from the warlord tourney.
1:15 Waterbreak and instruction on woods scenarios and tactics.
1:30 Woods scenario walk through on the open field (rapier and heavy)
2:00 Woods battle training - we will go into the woods and fight over and around obstacles, up and down hill, concentrating on moving and fighting together in tight spots and on uneven terrain. (armored and rapier)
2:45 Waterbreak
3:00 Woods battles with resurrection (armored will use one end of the woods, rapier the other)
5:00 Individual training (knights will be on the field for pickups and instruction
6:00 Potluck Supper
7:30 Revelry and bonfire

The address for Sir Gunthers Farm 57 Mitchell Church Way, Louisburg, NC 27549 I am told that Mapquest gives good directions to the site.

If you have gear that folks can use for armored, rapier or combat archery - please bring it with you.

I am graciously volunteering Duchess Padraigin to organize the potluck - please coordinate efforts with her at (910) 693-1959 or through email at

DRESS IS CASUAL - shorts and T shirts after fighting are fine, as are plastic tables and chairs. This is not an event; it is a Baronial family reunion! Location:
Barony of Windmasters Hill (Louisburg, North Carolina)