Glory Wars

Glory comes to he that joins his cause with others. To this end do we call the Honorable Knights of our Great Kingdom of Atlantia to come and lead groups of armored combatants upon the battlefield in a melee tournament for Glory. All fighters bring your swords, your spears, and maces and join the ranks of a team to fight for victory and a common cause.

Come All ye seekers of Glory for there will be competitions enough to go around. Along with the armored team tournament, Rapier fighters may try your swords in group combat in a castle battle. If your heart does not lie with a sword, then arm yourselves with your skills instead. Archers find your target true and earn your own glory. Artists, use your talents to glorify your arms within your artwork. Bards sing from your heart a song of glory or recite your tale of glory to earn your meal at the Victor's Tavern.

Team Competitions:

  • Armored Combat Team Melee
  • Rapier Castle Siege
  • Target Archery

Authorizations and Marshal Training:
Authorizations will take place Friday evening and Saturday early.
Achbar would like to invite all Marshals in Training to come and learn melee.

Art of Heraldic Arms:
Entries to this competition include any period item with a Heraldic Device upon it. This competition is specifically to encourage the use of arms in any A&S artform. The arms themselves will not be judged, only how they are used within the context of the item.

For more information go to and click on the Glory Wars link.

Adult, member -Day trip $7.00 -Camping $10.00
Child (5-17) -Day Trip $4.00 -Camping $7.00

Elchenburg Castle, 2239 Center Road, Booneville, NC 27011. The site is WET, with room for both period and modern tenting (There are no cabins on site). Site opens at 5pm on Friday and closes at 1pm on Sunday. Pets are allowed, on leash.

Lady Isabeau du LacLonge
Stephanie Hall Location:
Canton of Hondscroft (Booneville, North Carolina)