Haus von Halstern Members Honored at Vinland Raids

Members of Haus von Halstern, based in the East Kingdom, were honored at the recent Vinland Raids II in the Shire of Smoking Rocks. Members of Haus von Halstern left East Kingdom Royal Court with voices hoarse from cheering at last weekend's Vinland Raids II. Several of the household's members were honored for their achievements. The household is led by Baron Manfred von Halstern and Baroness Kamilla van Anderlecht and is based in the East Kingdom.

Mistress Dorigen, justifiably proud of her fellow householders, wrote on the East Kingdom list:

At this event, among other noteworthy happenings, the following awards and honors were granted to my household:

Lord Garrett Shadwell was chosen as Queen's Champion.
Baroness Kamilla van Anderlecht became a Mistress of the Laurel.
Lady Muriel de Chimay was given a Writ to become a Laurel at Southern Region War Camp.
Beowulf Malcomson was given a commendation for chivalrous youth fighting.
Sir Manfred von Halstern became a Pelican.

I was the Laurel who spoke on Sir Manfred's behalf, and I said the following:

"What man is this before the Eastern throne?
It is a Knight, who fills the foe with fear,
of courtesy a beacon bright and clear;
for honour and for courage he is known.
As on the field his mighty fame has grown,
in times of peace the Kingdom holds him dear.
Beloved by his kinsmen far and near,
in service and in skill he stands alone.

No silver words nor syllables of gold
nor verse like jewels set in songs of praise
may tell his worth, throughout the Kingdom heard.
Unparallelled this Manfred now behold,
who serves his Kingdom in uncounted ways:
I, Dorigen, as Laurel speak this word."

Congratulations to those honored.