Legends XVI: The Borgias

Come and join us for Legends XVI: The Borgias, for lot of Fighting -- two Heavy Tourneys and two Rapier Tourneys -- Live Weapons and Archery and Performing Arts Competitions

Woodmen of the World Camp, 6045 Grant Ford Road, Gainesville, GA 30506

The time is the early 16th century. Pope Alexander VI has bribed his way into the Papacy, and has lavished titles and wealth upon his children. In the decadent spirit of this era, we are pleased to offer a lavish feast as well as many other decadent activities.

Martial Activities will include: Midnight Madness Tourney, Protector of the Sun Tourney, Rapiere del Sol Rapier Tourney, Queen's Sleeve Rapier Tourney (by request of HRM Deirdre), Youth Combat (Heavy & Rapier), and Archery & Live Weapons Competitions. Arts & Sciences Activities will include: Classes on Maiolica and on Italian Dance, Italian Garb & Italian Cooking, and a Performing Arts Compeition during Feast. Other Offerings will include: Children’s Activities, A Wayfarer’s Repast, an Italian Feast (limit 100 spaces), Two Breakfasts, a Fund-Raiser Lunch, a White Elephant Sale, and a Murder Mystery to run throughout the event.

Who Slew Piddochio?
Everyone who trolls in to the event will receive:

  • A copy of these rules
  • An accusation card
  • A Silver Clue: The name of a single suspect
There are 9 suspects in all. The names of additional suspects can be obtained by finding and talking to other suspects, starting with the one whose name you receive in your packet. Simply approach them and ask if they killed Piddochio. Each will give you some information and the name of another suspect to talk to. There will be an Inquest during the European Revel, where all will be revealed. If you have earned an alibi, we ask that you make plans to be present and alibi your suspect, or that you pass the card on to someone who will be there. The Coroner can be bribed to reveal single clues linking certain weapons to certain suspects. $1 each bribe. Proceeds going to the Shire Event Fund.

Event Steward:
Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli
mka Peggy J. Hicks

Event Cook:
THLady Aislinn Chaomhanach
mka S. Ann Freeman

Lady Generys le Boghyere
mka Debbie Goodrich

Wet Site — Pets allowed (Leashed) — Camping and Above Ground Fires allowed


Friday Evening
5:00pm Site Opens
7:30-10:00pm Wayfarers
10:00pm-12:00m Murder Most Foul
10:30pm Midnight Madness Tourney

7:00am-9:00pm The Plot Thickens
7:30am Breakfast
9:00am Armor Inspection
10:00am Protector of the Sun & Youth Heavy Combat Tourneys
10:00-12:00n Children’s Activities
10:00am Class— Italian Foods
11:00am Class— Italian Garb
12:00noon Lunch
1:00pm Rapier Tourneys & Live Weapons Competition
1:00pm Class— Maiolica
1:00pm-3:00pm Children’s Activities
2:00pm Class— Italian Dance
3:00pm Archery Shoot
5:00pm Court (at the Crown’s discretion)
7:00pm Feast & Performing Arts Competition
9:00pm Inquest and Revelry

Sunday Morning
7:30am Breakfast
11:00am Site Closes

http://www.solhaven.com/legends/leg-16.htm Location:
Shire of Sol Haven (Gainesville, Georgia)