Nibelungen War

The Barony of Knight's Crossing and Shire of Meadowmarsh invite you to the ninth Nibelungen war.

Warriors of our realm, and those who would look to the strife in our realm. War is again upon our lands. The noble Shire of Meadowmarsh contests the claims that the Barony of Knights Crossing have claimed upon the lands spoken of in the Nibelungen Saga. Hence Tourneys, Battles, and Contests both martial and gentle shall be waged to decide who has right to make bold claim to titles over legendary lands. Expect heavy combat, Fencing, Archery, Dancing, Classes, and more.

All those who wish to participate in the War (fighters and artisans alike) are asked to bring one item to put into the treasure chest (average value 5 Euro). A list of reservations as well as further information will be available soon.

Cost: 5 EUR per person per day. Children below the age of 13 cost 4 EUR per child per day. Under 2 years of age free.

Their will be no feast. Basic breakfast and lunch are available from Thursday to Saturday for EUR 3 per day. Those with food allergies should contact the Steward of Edibles.

Zeltlagerplatz Burgruine Li├čberg, Ortenberg, Germany Location:
Barony of Knight's Crossing and Shire of Meadowmarsh (Ortenberg, Germany)