Caerthan 12th Night

15th Century France - a time of many changes for France and despite wars and plague, there is happiness! The latter part of the 15th century The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries were commissioned by the La Viste family. They depict the 5 senses and Love.

This years 12th Night will embody elements that will tintalate your 5 senses and let's not forget LOVE. Come and be prepared to See, Hear, Smell, Touch and (let's not forget the feast), Taste. Of course "A mon seul desir" (meaning: "to my only desire"), will play an important part. Mistress Mirianna and Mistress Gabrielle are working on creating the six tapestries, which will hang in the hall. There will still be room for your banners, so please bring them to hang in the hall alonside the tapestries.

Caethan 12th Night, "The Lady, the Lion and the Unicorn"
Date: January 5th, 2008, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Barony of Caerthe - Beck Recreation Center, Aurora, CO 80011

THLady Jorunn nic Lochlainn

Lord Robert Magnus

Mistress Catrin von Berlin (GwenCat)

The site is COMPLETELY DRY. Please do not even bring alcohol for 12th Night Gifts. There will be two police officers onsite.

Adult Site Fee by November 30th, 2007, $12.00,
Adult site fee Dec 1 to Jan 5 $15.00
Children Site Fee (ages 5 - 12) $7.00
Children Site fee - (ages 5 - 12) Dec 1 to Jan 5, $10.00
Children 4 and under free.

Adult Feast - $10.00
Adult Feast at the door: $12.00
Child Feast (ages 5 - 12) - $7.00
Child (ages 5 - 12) at the door: $9.00

Non-member surcharge of $3 applies, no family cap.

The Feast will be at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The tables are ROUND and seat 8. Feast is limited to the first 200 people. There will be off-board seating.

There will be music coordinated by Mistress Caelainn ingen Muiredaig, dancing for those who already know (so get those lessons now and practice!), feasting in the afternoon and much more! There will be a Bardic Tournament run by Mistress Guernen Cimarguid, a Chess tournament run by THLord Forester, and contests galore! There will be a hair-do and hat competition, to name a few. There will be a Scavenger Hunt.

Children will be included in all the activities.

There will be many merchants! The new hall provides a large area for the merchants alone.

So plan now on attending "The Lady, the Lion and the Unicorn". Future information will have crash space and hotel information. The Outlands war practice is promised to be on Sunday after this event, so make your plans for both. Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Aurora, Colorado)