Gregorian Chant how-to manual

Alban St. Albans reports that he has released the first part of a manual on how to sing Gregorian Chant.

Alban St. Albans writes:

I've posted the first nine pages of a manual of how to sing Gregorian Chant in my LiveJournal galleries area (click on "original article.") It's the last item on page two (at least until I post something more...). It's in Spanish, and this is the second edition, which dates to 1777. Yeah, it's post-period, but the subject's very definitely in period. Currently digitized and sitting comfortably on a harddrive here are the first 100 pages or so; the prolog and the 75-page (more or less) lesson on how to sing Gregorian chant. There's another several hundred pages of chant, which I haven't digitized; I figure there's enough out there already...

...and I'm finishing up digitizing Directorium Chori Ad Usum Omnium Ecclesiarum Cathedralium, & Collegiaturum, a book of music by one of Palestrina's students, a Giovanni Domenico Guidetti. While the book was published in 1642, I figure the music is quite period since Guidetti died in 1592. Give me another week or so to finish this one up.

If anyone wants either or both, send me your postal address (not your email address; we're talking about 2 1/2 gigabytes of photos. . . ), and I'll put a disk in the mail. Please specify which one you want, or if you want both. (And there's also still available lots of stuff concerning calligraphy and illumination, some of which has also been posted in the LJ galleries; anyone want some photos of spiffery?)


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