Ealdormere historic photo project

Photographer and webmaster Eirik Andersen has begun a project to collect and scan historic photos from the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the Two Ravens website. He discusses his project in a recent post from the Kingdom list.

Eirik Andersen writes:

As today is Pikemans Pleasure (I hope to see many of you there!) I've decided to post another album from a canton that has come forward with some classic photos from their past. Many thanks to the people of Petrea Thule (and THL Keja) for allowing me to borrow their album and share it with you. http://www.tworavens.org/gallery/main.php/v/hostedphotos/Thule/ is where you will find it.

I am attempting (in a unofficial capacity) to scan/catalog/share photos of Ealdormere, via my website Tworavens.org. If you have photos you would like to share, please contact me at eirik@rogers.com. I am willing to scan photos out of a album myself (I work in print shop and have access to some expensive flatbed scanners). The utmost in care will be taken. I know there are more great photos out there! :)

As well, those of you who may not be so familiar with my website, I have already archived a large number of photos with historical interest for the Kingdom... Here is a list of the major ones, but I invite you to check them all out!

Finally, I'd like to put out the request that folks comment on the photos, even if it's just a few at a time. It's easy to sign up so your name is automatically logged in on the site (log-in/Registration control is on the top right side of any page on tworavens.org) , and you can even comment without logging in. It's vitally important that you do comment.. Some of these photos predate me, and I just don't know the folks in them. Do not let their names be forgotten!

Thank You and Regards,


Kyle Andrews/Eirik Andersen