Earnrokke's Summer Hunt

Hounds, Horses, Riders,Revelers, Hawks,& ferrets ~ all come join us!

Earnrokke's Summer Hunt
held at HuntHaven
2163 Hastie Lake Rd
Oak Harbor
Whidbey Island, WA

June 8-10, 2007

It is Summer on our lovely island.....and we are graced by the beauty of the land and its creatures. Listen to the hounds bay and the horns sound in the distance! Watch the hunters ride their horses across the fields. Archers come shoot to your heart's content. This is an event for folks to sit back, feast, shoot archery, and be entertained by the animals. Campers are welcome to stay all three days of the weekend.

Animals are welcome at this event. See Pet Policy below. Be sure to contact the autocrat to make space arrangements for your horse. Primitive site; potable water present, amenities within 10 minutes. All dogs must show proof of rabies vaccinations and must be leashed unless being raced or coursed.

Ari de Roven earnrokke_herald@yahoo.com

Site opens at 3 PM on Friday, and closes at 6 PM on Sunday.

Site fees
All weekend: $10 per SCA Member adult . (Please add Non-SCA Member Surcharge of $3 - applied to all adult fees). $7 for Children 7- 18 years old. Children under 7 are free, mundane family cap of $35

Daytrip fees :
$7 per SCA Member adult. (Please add Non-SCA Member Surcharge of $3 - applied to all non-member adult fees). $5 for children 7- 18 years old. Children under 7 are free.

Make checks payable to: SHIRE OF EARNROKKE/ SCA INC on the memo line. US funds only please.

The site is a horse farm, and completely primitive. Bring your own water, and please pack out your trash. Horse and dog owners must remove all their manure. Sorry, no electricity is available. The site is wet. .

HOTEL ACCOMODATIONS- The closest hotel to the site is the Captain Whidbey Inn.

Third Annual Heavy weapons Championship:
This will be a conventional tourney on Saturday.

Hunting Persona Contest:
This is sponsored by the Hunt Guild. This is just a chance for you to show off your hunting gear. Please see www.huntguild.org for more information or contact Donwenna

Arts and Sciences Competition :
Any entry that can be applied to hunting. Documentation for extra points. Questions? talk to Arn Ansgar

Saturday: 3rd Annual Summer Hunt Mounted Hunter--the famous 3D hunt course will be set up again. Bring your bows and javelins--hunters can choose what to use to kill the 'game.'

*Paddock and horsetrailer space on site is at a premium . Contact Donwenna to reserve space immediately. Only room for minimum horses on site. Other stalls available off-site for $20 per night.

*Mounted Hunter Auction--This is Earnrokke's primary fundraiser and the person who 'owns' the winning rider will receive the grand prize! The winning rider will be designated as the Champion hunter and get to carry the Earnrokke hunting horn.

*The Betting Man's Guide will be available for sale on site for $2 as a Fundraiser for Earnrokke. This is a list that names the Mounted Hunters that will be used to help folks when they are bidding on their Hunter/horse during the Rider Auction. Each Hunter has a short blurb that tells something about him/her and will include some sort of amusing comment about each Rider and their horse. This would help the spectators "know" the horses and riders, so the spectators can bid on a 'rider to buy' to run the Hunt Course. If their Rider wins, then both 'owner' and Rider will get a Prize.

Riders, please complete your application for the Betting Man's Guide here inside the 2007 EQ Pre-REG form and submit it to Donwenna for compilation. If you want to repeat yours from last year, simply send that one to her again. Check out the Betting Man's Guide from Last year 2006!

Archery - The Second Annual MASTER JULIAN TRIBUTE SUMMER HUNTER CHALLENGE COURSE-Hunters on foot will be able to use the Hunt Course 3D targets. Winner is the person who gets the most game. The Champion will be allowed to carry this token for the year and inscribe his device on it, then to pass the token on to the next annual champion.

Best Dog Barding Contest for all dogs sponsored by Baroness Anastasia: Two catergories : #1 Most period looking #2 Most adorable Criteria to include, appearance, best use of fabrics, best choices made for the dog, (comfort, style, etc.) extra points if the barding is livery in your colors and arms, Documentation is encouraged so it can be printed in the Hunt Guild Newsletter for all to learn and enjoy.A Prize will be awarded for each category.

take place throughout the weekend

The Hunt Guild Activities:
Hunt Guild Meeting,
Hunting Classes:ie, Period Hunting on horseback , How to hunt with ferrets,
Introduction to the Hunting Persona and more.
Hunt Guild Display
Hunt Guild Contest: "Best documented period hunting weapon"
Issues of the Hunt Guild Newsletter Acupium will be available
Dog Coursing-cancelled

Merchants Bazaar
Space is limited -reserve early. Download merchant application here:

THL Donwenna and the CIC are responsible for keeping resident livestock safe and SCA pet regulations enforced:

Unleashed dogs are prohibited. Dog owners must have proof of Rabies vaccination with them, because we will ask them to provide it when they arrive on site. A Rabies tag i s NOT legal proof. Dogs are NOT allowed in the horse area at all. We will ask any person to remove their pet if it causes any problems. Pets cannot be left unattended. Due to the hot weather, owners are cautioned to keep pets well-hydrated.. All pet stools must be immediately picked up and disposed of in proper stool receptacles (i.e., plastic bags). Pets are not allowed to defecate/urinate within camping areas. We appreciate pet owners efforts and understanding, as the populace and resident livestock do have priority .

Horses must be vaccinated against EWEE, Tetanus, Flu, Rhino, and WNV and current on de -worming. Please be sure your horse is dewormed within a month before arrival. Horses can deposit parasites on the pasture and pass this on to eachother. Horses must be kept in the horse area only . Horse manure must be picked up and disposed in the assigned receptacle/area.

For more information about how to take your pet camping at SCA events go to the Caid webpage: Dogs & Horses of War http://www.caid-gww.org/articles.html

http://donwenna.homestead.com/SummerHunt.html Location:
Shire of Earnrokke (Whidbey Island, Washington)