Stierbach Baronial Birthday

Our yearly gathering to celebrate another wonderful year of our Great Barony of Stierbach!

Martial Activities: There will be heavy and rapier scenarios in the woods that will attempt to use this year’s Pennsic Woods Battle combat conventions. As well as archery and thrown weapons scenarios in a wooded glen. If you have any questions, please contact our Marshal in Charge: Lord Allen of Wolfou (Allen Miller) at

Arts & Sciences Activities: There will be an open display of one item that you believe to be your best work produced during the past year. All works as well as works in progress are welcome to show to your Excellencies. Documentation is encouraged. Come also bring for display and competition creative ways to hide your valuables from brigands along your journey here! Please contact our MOAS with any questions you might have at:

Adult, Member: $ 7.00 Day-Trip $ 5.00 Feast $ 3.00 Camping
Adult, Non-Member: $10.00 Day-Trip $ 5.00 Feast $ 3.00 Camping
Youth (6-17): $ 3.00 Day-Trip $ 5.00 Feast $ 2.00 Camping
Child (0-5): $ 3.00 Day-Trip $ 5.00 Feast $ 2.00 Camping
Cost Notes: Reservations for adults received after June 10th, add $1 to day trip and camping. There are 100 feast slots available at $5 per seat.

Miller’s Farm, 12101 Orange Plank Road, Locust Grove, VA 22508. Site opens Friday, June 15th at 4pm and closes noon on Sunday.

Site Restrictions: This is a primitive site. Bring your own drinking water. Porta-Johns will be provided. The site is wet, though no original containers please. Feast: A feast for 100 gentles will be prepared by Lady Grace Whyting and the Stierbach Cooks Guild. Please contact Lady Grace (Kristi Kelly) with any allergy concerns at

Baronial Champions Selection: Their Excellencies Colum and Briana will choose their Champions from among the populace of Stierbach based on activities throughout the weekend. The Heavy Champion will be chosen through a torch-light tourney Friday night. There will also be a Bardic Circle following our torch-light tourney to choose our Bardic Champion, else you can find Her Excellency before afternoon court on Saturday. Baronial artisan will be chosen from barony members displaying in either the A&S open display and/or the A&S competition. Please visit our website for more up-to-date information.

Children’s Activities and Competitions: Please check our website for current information.

Autocrat: Lady Adrianna d’Ebbonbois (Pati Dunn): Please call the reservationists with any questions, and she will forward them to me.

Reservations: Send reservations to Lady Esperanza Abelle (Suzanne Olson) at Make checks payable to Barony of Stierbach, SCA Inc.. Advance reservations requested. Reservations for adults received after June 10th, add $1 to day trip and camping.


From I-95 (North or South) take exit 130B West towards Culpeper, Rte 3. After 9.5 miles on Route3, turn left onto Route 621 (Orange Plank Road) you will cross over Rt. 3 After 5.4 miles (and several intersections) you will turn right onto Windy Acres Lane.

From Route 15 (North or South) head to highway 20 East. After 8.3 miles, you will turn right onto Mine Run Road. After 12.3 miles, you will turn left onto Windy Acres Lane.

From Windy Acres Lane: bear right at the “Y” intersection you come upon (less than a half mile in) onto a dirt road. Head through the fenced gate, and troll shall be on your right. Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Locust Grove, Virginia)