The tale of an Outlandish dragon

Tiarna Seoan mac Ruaidhri Ui Ceallachan, Baronial Chirurgeon, Barony of al-Barran, reports on the rescue of a wounded dragon by the Royals, members of the populace and the good Chirurgeons of the Kingdom of the Outlands.

Tiarna writes:

Unto all good Gentles who come by these letters does Tiarna Seoan mac Ruaidhri Ui Ceallachan send greetings and salutations.

It is my plain duty to inform you all of the following account of the rescue of a mighty dragon at this year's Grand Outlandish Tournament.

This tale begins with the discovery of a wounded dragon by the good folk of al-Barran. These people, seeing that the great beast was wounded and broken of wing, felt that its wounds would prove mortal in a short time. But they also saw that the beast was suffering, and being good of heart, sought to speed its end in the most merciful way possible. Fearing to approach too closely, they sent for the doughty archers of the Outlands to attend to the poor creature's dispatch. The archers assembled and seeing the great beast so wracked, they were sorely aggrieved and though they had no relish for the deed at hand, they strung their mightiest bows and drew forth their sharpest and truest arrows that they might do the merciful deed most swiftly. But it was then that the Lady Ingrid Tailor happened on the scene and was overcome with pity for the beast. Noble of mien, kind of heart and gentle of spirit, The Lady Ingrid boldly approached the dragon and lo, it ceased its roaring and became gentle as a lamb to her kind touch. Seeing now that the creature could be approached with safety, and perhaps could now be treated for its wounds, the archers gladly unknocked their arrows and let Lady Ingrid take charge of the dragon and its rescue.

By then the Baron and Baroness were advised of the situation and seeing how the beast was gentled by Ingrid's hand, placed it in her custody and charged her with its healing. And so it was that the Chirurgeons were summoned. The Fair Lady Monica herself, noble Baroness of al-Barran lent her healing lore and skill to the creature's succor. Likewise Lady Rois, chief of all Chirurgeons of the Outlands was brought to the fore to lend her wisdom to the task. Under the care of several healers, the beast's wounds were bound and it's lost blood, by clever artifice, was replenished with a powerful potion brewed by the noted alchemist William of McIlhenny and called by him "Tabasco". The beast was also anointed and blessed by the pious Templar, The Honourable Lord Bjorn inn Gauzki

Amidst this labour, Mighty King Mordygan himself consented to bestow the "King's Touch" of healing upon the dragon and the Beautiful and wise Queen Madigan herself was near to weeping for the suffering of the creature.

Having wrought what treatments they could upon the beast, the Chirurgeons raised it upon a litter and set out to bring it to the Lady Ingrid's camp that it might be made comfortable to rest and recoup its strength and vigour. While upon the road thence, The party passed by The Honourable Lord Morris whose noble heart fair bled for the creature's suffering. It was at that moment that the beast's wounds proved nearly fatal and it fell into a great swoon that it could not be wakened from. Falling upon the creature's neck, Baron Morris breathed into it his own breath and by his mighty effort the beast was roused. With the beast thus saved by the narrowest margin, it was deemed meet that it should be brought to a safe place of rest with all speed. And so the dragon was brought to Lady Ingrid's pavilion and with its head pillowed upon her own bower, it slumbered peacefully.

I swear that this tale is true and correct for I not only witnessed these things, but was one of the Chirurgeons who tended the great beast. Likewise, I shall write further news of the creature's recovery as it resides in the care of the Lady Ingrid.

Written by my hand upon this twenty-eighth day of May, A.S. XXXXII

Tiarna Seoan mac Ruaidhri Ui Ceallachan, Baronial Chirurgeon, Barony of al-Barran