Baronial Muster

Our theme is “Have a Summer Fling” – Trebuchets and Catapults are all welcome (when accompanied by responsible adult). Please bring your own or use our very limited supplies (branches, rope, advice). A largish Traction Trebuchet (see websites) that uses human power teams that haul down ropes will be provided so TRACTION TREBUCHET

The Canton of Greyfells presents:
Baronial Muster
R R #3 Napanee, ON

July 20 – 22 , 2007
Site opens: Fri 5:00 pm
Site closes: Sun 2:00 pm

Site Fees:
$10 weekend/$5 day
Non members: add $4

This site is private land; BYOB. This site is “primitive” camping. Water for drinking and washing will be provided but precious.

Martial activities to include Archery, Armoured Combat, Thrown Weapons, Boffer, Demo Trebuchet and /or Catapult

COMPETITIONS can take place. Teams brave enough to “tangle with the witches’ hair” will be assembled on Sat afternoon. Also think of bringing tennis balls or squishy things to fling.

Children’s activities will include making “mousetrap” or small trebuchets to test using marshmallows, etc.

All meals are potluck with the welcome addition of spit-roasted meats for Sat night and a complimentary breakfast on Sun morning.

Dogs are welcome on site if well mannered. Curcurbitai are in danger of becoming missiles. All other warm-blooded and/or furry things will be considered protected species.

Trebuchet websites to try :

or go to the resources branch of our SCA website for much better info on how to access treb sites.

From the East and West: Take the 401 to Napanee, use exit #579, Hwy 41 south, then see below for further directions....

From the North: come down Hwy 41, then see below for further directions...

For all directions: Go south through Napanee on 41 which becomes County #8, about 7 km. to the only flashing yellow light. Turn right on to County road #9, go about 7 km. The farm is on the right, the water of Hay Bay is on the left. SCA signs (black on yellow) will be up. Location:
Canton of Greyfells (Napanee, Ontario)