Pictures and video from Jararvellir's Fools' Moot

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares memories, photos and VIDEO from the recent Fools' Moot in the Barony of Jararvellir (Northshield).

Shava writes:

Many thanks to the fools and their friends who hosted another wonderful Moot last night. This has definitely become one of my favourite events of the year. Much silliness happened when the Fools decided to go fishing. Performances from the Fools' Guild, both Music Guilds, and a few others. Highlights of the night (in my mind) were Chandler finally getting his pony, the 5 Valley Princesses, Amy playing the nose recorder (some play an instrument by heart but our Amy plays it by nose), the reappearance of Her Ladyship Spike, and Emery catching bubbbles on his tongue. The anti-raffle, caption contest and tackiest garb contests definitely kept people amused.

Not only can you get my view of the evening through my still pics by clicking on "original article," but you can also experience the Vocal Guild through the magic of motion pictures at:

My apologies that most of this one is sideways but I'm still figuring out this video thing. (Two different sites were used since YouTube doesn't take anything larger than 10mb.) This one is so wrong it's just so right.

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