Crowds cheer fighters at Dragon's Laire's Medieval Faire

5,000 spectators and over 1,000 SCA members met recently at the annual Medieval Faire hosted by the Barony of Dragon's Laire in Port Gamble, Washington for a weekend of combat, fencing, archery and equestrian exhibitions designed to showcase medieval skills. Annie Tietje of the North Kitsap Herald covered the event.

“We had 47 fighters in the fully armored tournament,” said Carol Schnetter, also known in the SCA as Baroness Brighid Ross. The faire is held every year in the Barony of Dragon’s Laire, within the Kingdom of An Tir. “We probably had about 45 fencers, and on Sunday we had our archery tournament, with about 25 archers. It was great, we had lots of people turn out for it.”