Pennsic University class schedule online

Master Asim, Chancellor for the Pennsic University for Pennsic XXXVI, reports that the first iteration of the Pennsic Class Schedule is now online.

Master Asim writes:

The 1st iteration of the Pennsic Class Schedule is now online. (You can find it by clicking on "original article.")

This covers classes that'll make it to the Pennsic book, and we're not only still taking classes*, but also taking corrections & updates at . If you have a few spare hours at Pennsic, that same email is where you can send requests to help us out at A&S Point onsite at Pennsic, as well. :)

Feel free to forward this missive to whomever you chose. Please mention that we're talking corrections at , that it's going to be regularly updated, and that helping us out at A&S Point is strongly encouraged and thanked. And please accept my thanks for all those who plan to teach and learn, as well as those who've helped me prepare this work!

----Master Asim, Chancellor, Pennsic University for Pennsic XXXVI

* You can still sign up at ; there's Help files and FAQs for this year there...