Viking Longship to Sail North Sea

The Sea Stallion of Glendalough, the "world's biggest and most ambitious Viking ship reconstruction," which is "modeled after a 950 year old warship excavated in 1962 from the Roskilde Fjord," will set sail on July 1 from Roskilde, Denmark on its voyage to Dublin, Ireland, a city whose founding is attributed to 9th century Vikings.

The 8.25-ton ship was built using replicas of Viking era tools, "5,250 cubic feat of oak and 7,000 hand-forged iron rivets."

"They must have been incredibly tough to do what they did," said 24-year-old crew member Triona Nicholl, an archaeologist from Dublin. "We all have waterproof gear. We have radios and life jackets and all the stuff. They must have been hardier people."