Feathered Companions podcasts goes online

In the early hours of the morning of June 6th, 2007, a little tiny bit of history was made when the Feathered Companions podcast went live on the world wide web.

Hosted by Aisin-gioro Biya of the Canton of Brokenbridge, Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom, the monthly podcasts (formatted as a series of short segments) will feature news of interest to SCAdians, interviews with artists throughout the known world, and spotlight upcoming events of interest across several kingdoms.

In addition, look for featured segments teaching the arts and sciences of aviculture, including podcast versions of aviculture classes for those unable to attend them in person.

For aviculture, you'll find species profiles, discussions about parrots in history, and interviews with experienced aviculturists. You will meet some special parrots who attend SCA events, including Alexis, the moluccan cockatoo who has attended many events in the Kingdom of An Tir, and Mithril and Aragorn, the Brokenbridge cockatiels who fired the aviculture arts into the SCA.

The community calender of upcoming events is open to events happening throughout the known world. If you are autocrating an event you would like featured in future podcasts, are an artist who would like to be interviewed in an upcoming podcast, or have idea for a future segment, please email Biya at aisinbiya@gmail.com with your request.