Rayne's SCA Feast Survey

Several years ago, the Honorable Lady Rayne Moyra O'Ciaragain of Meridies conducted a survey to discover what members of the SCA expect from feasts. The results are posted online. There has been much discussion in SCA circles about what makes or breaks a feast. Topics have included period research, lighting, and great feast hall ambience. In 2000, THL Rayne Moyra O'Ciaragain of the Kingdom of Meridies conducted a survey to find out what people really want in a feast. The results make for a very interesting read.

Of those responding, most people apparently do enjoy SCA feasts and most come for the ambience and companionship rather than the food. Most prefer period dishes served in three courses, and like to be entertained during the meal. Other topics covered by the survey include research, dishwashing, feast setup and signup.

THL Rayne's survey and the results are published on her website (see link above). For more information, she can be contacted at: SirCaedmon@centurytel.net