Panteria photos and report online

We return once again to the secluded Caledonian Mountains of PantherVale, where fighters, archers, and artisans came together for a long weekend of feasting, fighting, carousing and competing, fencing and story-telling, equestrian and merchanting, and a rollicking good time.

Unbelts competed for recognition, Sealey and Yvain were married, Youth went into the Woods and the Heavies fought in the rain.

Their Royal Majesties held Court to announce Awards of Arms (surprise!), to elevate another Lady to the Order of Gawain, to introduce members of the Royal Guard, to praise new Tyger Cubs, to award a KOE to the Autocrat for his work, to Announce a Lady-in-Waiting, and to graciously welcome new members of the Society.

Fighting was fierce this year ... LochLeven, Rolling Thunder, Northern Army. There were more knights and peers than you could shake a stick at. (There's a pun in there somewhere.) Unit tactics were stressed and the sounds of Battle echoed over the hills of Caledonia.

"So thirty youth fighters went into the woods and one says to the other, 'We should Fight!' 'Huzzah!' came the reply." There's no punch line to this one, just some good old-fashioned thumping with plumbing supplies.