17th Annual Pikeman’s Pleasure

The Holy Land Beckons! A great hewn cry has come forth “WE SHALL CRUSADE”. We muster our troops, ready our caravans and prepare our households for Crusade. Please join Petrea Thule for a day of challenges, trials and triumphs on our journey to the Holy Land. We shall begin our race to the mysterious lands to the east at 10 am on the morning of June 2nd 2007 A.S. XLII. The day shall reach fruition at 11 pm after a wondrous foreign and exotic feast. The Normans may have a head start but the Saxons and the Baron are hot on the trail; which team will reach the Holy land first and seize the glory?

Located at the North Monaghan Community Centre 4 Needlers Lane, Millbrook, Ontario L0A 1G0 (Same site as always, just a new name!)

The Event happens Rain or Shine!
Indoor space is readily available if necessary (full size hockey rink & surrounding rooms).

Site Opens at 10am and closes by 11pm

Site is Sopping Wet (Ontario Law prohibits BYOB)

Site Fees:
Feast Fees
Site (members) - $5.00
Adult - $10.00
Site (non-members) - $9.00 (includes $4.00NMS)
Youth under 11 - $5.00

The Pikeman is on the way to the Holy Land and he requires assistance. This year the Canton of Petrea Thule is racing to the Holy Land. Join us for the Great Race to Jerusalem. Each person shall be randomly assigned to a team of Crusaders; you could be on the Norman King’s team, the Saxon Queen’s team, the Baron’s team or the Peasants crusade team lead by the Hermit. The more active you are at the event the more leagues you gather for your team. If you win any of the day’s tournaments then you will rocket your team to glory with 150 leagues for each tourney win.

The tournament for the day will follow this format:
Each participant will receive a scroll when they arrive on site. This site scroll will state whom they are racing with that day. The teams will not be determined by Their Majesties on-going tourney. If people wish to switch scrolls they are welcome to but they must negotiate with a person from the team they want to be on. So, Lord Flavius wants to be on the Saxon team but has a Norman scroll. He finds Lady Agonia who is on the Saxon team and doesn’t care. Lord Flavius can trade with Lady Agonia no problem. However, they must do this exchange before they enter any tournaments because the marshals or person in charge will require a visual inspection and recording of the scroll as people sign up at each venue.

Each activity that a person enters that day will give their team 5 leagues; the winner of each event will receive an additional 150 leagues, second place/50 leagues, third /25 leagues and fourth /10 leagues. The format for the winner is determined by the marshals at each venue. Participants may enter as many activities as they are safely able. So Lord Flavius may bring something to the A&S table (+5) and fence (+5), throw axes (+5) and arrows (+5), and fight in the Heavy Combat (+5). After the dust settles our weary traveler wins the A&S (+150) and simply participates in the rest. His score for his team would be +175 leagues, bravo! First, second, third or fourth place may come from the same team; that will be determined by the marshals of each event. So if the Saxon’s have a great archery day they could win 255 leagues from one venue. At the end of the day, and in between feast removes, members of each team (and more than one from any team is fine) tells the tale of their team and how they managed for the day. The winner of that Bardic competition will win a flask.

The prizes for the winning team will be revealed and distributed at the beginning of feast.

Arts and Sciences Competition
From her most glorious Majesty, Queen Domhnail Galbraith, the theme for this year's Arts and Sciences competition will be "Bring Out Your Dead!" - even those half-finished (or less!) projects that were started and left for dead in the bottom of the closet. Remember that every entry in the competition will earn more leagues for your team on their quest to the Holy Land and the overall winners will add more glory to their team!

Combat Event Schedule
Armoured Combat Marshal: THL Daffyd ap Sion
Tentative Heavy Combat Schedule (subject to edit and change):
Armour inspections 11:00am to 12:00pm
Authorizations 11:00am to 12:00pm
The Famous Pikeman's Bridge Battle begins at 12:30pm
Individual Tournaments 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Unbelted Practice 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Individual Tournaments to include (time permitting)
Knight's Tournament - Single Sword and Shield
Sargeant's Tournament - 6' Spear and Buckler
Turkish Tournament - Mace and Buckler
Sword of War Tournament - Bastard Sword
Varangian Tournament - Pole Arms (in lieu of rhomphaias)
Pilgrim's Tournament - Dagger and Buckler

Combat Marshals: Lord Robert Guerin and Lord Timothy Thatcher
The next Septentrian Baronial Archery Champion will be decided this day by tournament.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Lord Daniel of Whitby
Range Setup and Open by 10:00am
Open Practice Sessions from opening until 12:00pm
Checkerboard Tournaments and Royal Rounds from 12:00pm onwards

Fencing Marshal: THL Gareth Campbell
Fencing Schedule
Inspections and Authorizations 11:00am to 12:00pm
Grand Melee Tournament 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Individual Tournaments 1:00pm to 3:30pm
Open Practice 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Grand Melee Tournament
Open melee battle/single kill for all combatants - any authorized weapon style permitted. This melee will run as often as time or fencer's energy allows for. Must have at least 5 fencers to run.

Individual Tournaments (time permitting):
City Guard's Tournament - Single Sword Only
Commoner's Tournament - Single or Double Dagger
Sargent's Tournament - Sword/Dagger and Rigid Parry
Captain's Tournament - Sword/Dagger and Flex Parry
Fire and Civil Unrest Tournament - Any weapon combination including Case

All individual tournaments will be single elimination and points will be awarded for first through fourth place.

Pikeman's Lunch Information
A lunch counter will be available from 11:30am onwards. It will be $5pp and there will up to 50 spots available for it.

From north/east: take best route to Hwy 115 South from Peterborough. Exit onto County Rd. 10 (Millbrook/Cavan cut off). Turn left. Drive into Millbrook until you see the very large stop sign. Drive straight through and you have arrived at the Community Centre/Arena.

From south/west: take best route to Hwy. 115 North to Peterborough. Exit onto County Rd. 10 (Millbrook/Cavan cut-off). Turn right. Follow above directions. doteasy.com - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.

http://www.wraithstudios.ca/pikemans.htm Location:
Canton of Petrea Thule (Millbrook, Ontario)