Trumbrand and Kaylah New Prince and Princess of Ealdormere

After a Crown tourney that King Edouard deemed "one of the most grueling in Ealdormere history," lasting over five hours, Master Trumbrand the Wanderer, fighting for THL Kaylah the Cheerful, bested Sir Evander MacLachlan, who fought for THL Melusine de la Rose, in the finals.

Here's what happened:
The first round was a round robin amongst all eleven fighters, single bouts. Eight fighters advanced to the second round.

The second round was fought between THL Wat, THL Kaylah, THL Corrig, Streonwold Hlaford, Sir Siegfried, Sir Nigel, Sir Evander, and Sir Nigel. This was also a round-robin, each match best three out of five.

From that, three fighters--Sir Evander, Sir Siegfried, and Master Trumbrand--were tied, so there was a three way round robin that produced your finalists.

The finals were best three of five matches, with each match best three of five. Master Trumbrand took three straight matches -- polearm, greatsword, and sword and shield--to emerge victorious.

It was quite the surprising tourney in many ways. No one gentle dominated all the way through, and I saw many surprising bouts along the way. There was much glory and chivalry to go around, and all the combattants should be congratulated for their fighting spirit, courtesy, and endurance.

The new Prince and Princess have been participants in many a Crown Tourney, but will be enjoying their first reign. Those who are familiar with the Iron Rose tourney at Pennsic will recognize Her Highness' name as a multiple-year victor.

Wassail for the new Prince and Princess!