Happy Anniversary, Sir Trude Lacklandia - First Lady Knighted 30 Years Ago

This year marks the 30th anniversary of a milestone in the SCA. On March 13, 1977, Trude Lacklandia became the first female Knight of the Society. She was knighted, along with Randall von Nordlichwald, Henrich der Jaeger and Helm Egilsson of Birka, by TRM Deaton II & Care-Cheri II of Atenveldt.

She then went on to become the first lady by right of arms to rule as Baroness of the Palatine Barony of the Far West and the first lady quadruple peer in the Society (Laurel, 9/28/1975, TRM Douglas II & Lorna II of the West; Pelican, 10/3/1981, TRM Albert & Selene of Atenveldt; Viscounty, 6/11/1978, Princess of the Sun), as well as three-time Princess of the Sun and once Queen of Atenveldt. She was also the first and only queen to knight someone by herself (Sir Gareth of Bloodwine Gorge).

Sir Trude's knighting marked a turning point in the Society. There are now at least 25 other women who have been knighted since 1977 and scores of lady fighters throughout the Known World. Countess Sir Kolfinna kottr and others have a Website (http://www.swordmaiden.com/) which covers articles and items of interest for lady fighters, including old "fanzines" containing articles and observations by Sir Trude and other lady knights.

In June, Countess Sir Trude will make the pilgrimage to the West to witness Crown Tournament and visit with friends and former kingdom-mates. Happy Anniversary, Sir Trude!