New Estrella War website is now live

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, SCA Internal Media/Website Content Coordinator for Estrella War XXIV, has announced the completion of the new Estrella website.

Her Grace writes:

TRM Morgan and Livia, King and Queen of Atenveldt, and Master Joseph McFadden and Mistress Isabeau della Farfalla, Main Event Coordinators for Estrella War XXIV, are pleased to announce that a new Estrella War website is online! (Visit the site by clicking "original article.") They invite you to visit the website, and begin planning your February 2008 journey to Estrella War, a week of Medieval Glory, Honor and Chivalry in the Warm Desert Sun.

Over 6,000 people attended Estrella War last year, making it the second largest event in the SCA. And the Kingdom of Atenveldt expects even more people next year at the new, more spacious event site in Florence, Arizona. Please consider this your personal invitation to begin planning an Estrella War adventure in the mild desert climate of the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

The new website provides lots of current details about the Estrella War, including travel information, recommendations for what to bring, lists of onsite/offsite services/nearby medical facilities, instructions for requesting merchant packets, as well as explanations of the Estrella War Treaty (what it is, what it contains), and information about the event administration (who runs the event, financial and corporate guidelines, a staff list, and information on how to join the event staff). As a treat for history buffs, an Estrella War Chronology ( is included for those interested in the history of the event.

Please use the website map at the end of this posting to help locate specific details about the event. If you can't find the answers there or on the FAQ page of the website, use this link to contact a Staff member who can answer your questions:

Come feel the warm welcome of the Atenveldt Sun! Come join the fun at Estrella War XXIV!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP (Katie Richardson)
SCA Internal Media/Website Content Coordinator
ESTRELLA WAR XXIV (Tues, Feb 12 to Mon, Feb 18, 2008)
More details at
Mattkatie2@ [OMIT SPACES]




  • Preparing To Attend
    • Site Rules
  • Registration - Front Gate
    • Attending With Minors
    • Attending With Pets
    • Pre-Registration
    • Troll - Front Gate
    • Merchant Registration
    • Refunds And Returned Checks
  • Land And Camping
    • What To Bring
    • Weather
    • Land Allocation
    • Parking And RVs
  • Travel Information
    • Maps
    • Driving Directions
    • Flying In
    • Local Lodging
    • Ship Items To Site
    • On Site Services
    • Off Site Services
    • Medical Facilities
    • Merchants
    • Press and Media (Not Yet Implemented)
  • Estrella War Treaty
    • What Is It?
    • Principal Kingdoms And Royalty
    • Heavy Combat Scenarios
    • Rapier Scenarios
    • Archery Scenarios
    • Arts And Sciences Competition
  • Activities
    • Arts and Sciences
      • Arts & Sciences Competition
      • Collegium (Classes)
      • Artisan Showcase
      • Estrella War Populace Tea
    • Heavy Armored Combat
    • Rapier Combat
    • Archery
    • Equestrian
    • Teen Activities (Not Yet Implemented)
    • Children's Activities (Not Yet Implemented)
    • Youth Combat (Not Yet Implemented)
    • Tours & Demos
    • Special Events
  • Places To Know
    • Information Point
    • Chirurgeon's Point/Medical Help
    • Period Encampment
    • Herald's Point
    • Volunteer Point
    • Hospitality For Volunteers
    • Merchants Row (Not Yet Implemented)
    • Security Pavilion
  • Event Administration
    • Who Runs The War
    • SCA Corporate And Kingdom Guidelines
    • Finances/Budgeting
    • Staff
    • Pre-War Planning Meetings
    • Join The Staff
  • History & Articles
    • Estrella War Chronology
    • Links And Articles
    • Disclaimers and Credits