Atlantia's War of the Wings II to feature Heraldic Processional

Lady Gisela, Event Herald for the Kingdom of Atlantia's War of the Wings II, has announced that the event will feature an Heraldic Processional.

Gisela writes:

Sacred Stone and Black Diamond are preparing for a conflict of monumental proportions! Every man woman and child who attends the event will have an effect on the outcome, so plan to be there.

On Saturday morning, as the sun burns the mists from the fields, every barony, canton, shire, college, household, clan and other group present may take part in the grand Declaration of Allegiance.

Groups will process onto the field by order of precedence and declare to whom their allegiance and support is given for that War! Individuals may also participate.

The requirements are simple:

  1. Any group or individual taking part in the heraldic procession of declaration must present a unified appearance through the use of heraldry and livery colours and observe all period courtesy and deference.
  2. Must have a herald in a tabard or baldric or carrying an appropriate device of heraldic office
  3. Attempt to portray period processional celebrations and styles through the use of Banners, Pennons, Ganfallons and all manner of heraldic display, pageant floats, pageant displays and so on.
  4. May make use of musicians, dancers, gymnasts, flower girls, military regiments, coursing hounds, horses and any other thing, animate or not, to create the most memorable Declaration of Allegiance

Time is tight as attendance is high. You will not have time to make long flowery speeches. This is about Visual Impact. Make it count!

If you have any questions about this Processional, or if you'd like to particpate as a herald, please contact me at Information about the War of the Wings II can be found by clicking on "original article."