The Heroic Age online journal

The Heroic Age, "a fully peer-reviewed academic journal intended for professionals, students and independent scholars," focusses on the history of North-western Europe during the early medieval period (from the late 4th through 11th centuries. It is available to read online.

The current issue Saints and Sanctity includes:

  • Relics, Religious Authority, and the Sanctification of Domestic Space in the Home Gregory of Tours: An Analysis of the Glory of the Confessors by Dennis Quinn, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Miracle Stories and the Primary Purpose of Adomnán's Vita Columbae by Sara E. Ellis Nilsson, Gothenburg University
  • Preserving the Body Christian: The Motif of "Recapitation" in Ireland's Medieval Hagiography by Máire Johnson, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
  • Boniface's Booklife: How the Ragyndrudis Codex Came to be a Vita Bonifatii by Michel Aaij, Auburn University Montgomery
  • Tradition and Transformation in the Cult of St. Guthlac in Early Medieval England by John R. Black, Moravian College

And features such as:

  • The P-Celtic Place-Names of North-East England and South-East Scotland by Bethany Fox, University of Helsinki
  • Trade, Gift-giving and Romanitas: A Comparison of the Use of Roman Imports in Western Britain and Southern Scandinavia by Thomas Green, Exeter College
  • The Revelatio Ecclesiae de Sancti Michaelis and the Mediterranean Origins of Mont St.-Michel by John Charles Arnold, State University of New York-Fredonia

The journal accepts submissions and reports on calls for papers. See the website for more information.