Roman Villa Discovered Under Nottingham Sugar Beet Field

Evening Post: Plans to expand the A46 in Nottinghamshire are on hold after the discovery of the remains of a Roman villa. The British government would like to expand the A46 through Nottingham, England, but archaeologists have thrown a spanner in the works. Experts from the Trent and Peak Archaeological Society at the University of Nottingham have discovered the remains of a 4th century Roman villa under a sugar beet field owned by James Fisher, land that surrounds the area of the A46. Magnetic machines were used to test the soil and turned up the outline of a Roman villa.

"I wasn't shocked about the finding because there have been other excavations around here in the past. We knew there would be Roman remains around here somewhere," said Fisher.

So far, archaeologists have found pottery, tiles and slate and even though the building is thought to be a "high status development" there are no plans to excavate further.

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