Sacred books on display in London

Visit Sacred: Discover what we share, an exhibit of sacred texts, is on display at the Pearson Gallery of the British Library. The exhibit runs through September 23, 2007. (Digital books online)

From the website:

"Visitors will see some of the finest manuscripts ever produced by these religions. For Jews and Muslims there is only one language invested with sacred authority, Hebrew and Arabic respectively. In Christianity, the scriptures have spiritual authority regardless of the language into which they are translated. Hence the variety of Christian texts on display. Aspects of belief and practice and inter-faith working in Britain are also featured."

The website also includes PDFs of eight books complete with virtual "page turning" effects. The books that may be viewed are:

  • Ethiopian Bible
  • Golden Haggadah
  • Lindisfarne Gospels
  • Lisbon Bible
  • Luttrell Psalter
  • Sforza Hours
  • Sherborne Missal
  • Sultan Baybars' Qur'an