Quad War

The plains of Avacal roll with sounds of impending ... Quad War! What a way to play! Everybody wins!

The earth will rumble with the forces of The Coronets and Their Heirs. Choose your team! Display your pledge with a heraldic tile. Undecided? Even the odds - it'll make the contest more fun!

Gather in the heart of Avacal where we beat swords and drums fanning the flames of war and merriment. Partake in activities to entertain everyone: War! Castle battles for Armoured and Rapier; Tournaments; Target archery for all!; Pied Piper activities!; Bardic delights; Artistic Competitions; Classes and more classes; Spectacular Merchants Row!!!

Event opens noon Friday, August 3rd - closes noon Monday, August 6th.

Hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood.

Baronne Roxanne Delaroche (Tracy Walker)

Site fees: $15 per person 16 and over (add $4 NMS), 15 and under free. Please make cheques payable to AMRA. Please bring your own drinking water as the local water is not potable. Above ground, contained fires only!

There is no street address for this private site near Marsden, SK. Maps, Detailed directions at: http://www.avacal.antir.sca.org/quadwar.

From the N, S, W and SW: Make your best route to Wainwright, AB. Go east on HWY 14 (becomes HWY 40 at the SK border). Drive 8 km past and turn north (left) on Artland road. The site is 4.5 km on the west (left).

From the E and SE: Make your best route to Saskatoon. Take HWY 16 to North Battleford. As you cross the bridge, stay to the left on HWY 40. It will turn west (right) midway through town. 5km west of (past) Marsden turn north (right) on Artland road The site is 4.5 km on the west (left). Location:
Barony of Myrgan Wood (Marsden, Saskatchewan)