"War of the Wings II": a literary approach

SCA writer Jonathan Blackbow takes a literary approach to publicity for October's War of the Wings event in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

From the website:

Sacred Stone fires the first shot!


It is with a deep sense of satisfaction that I report to Your Imperiousnesses that the Legions of the Prefecture of Sacred Stone were successful in repulsing the ultimately-futile encroachment of our neighbors to the East. So much so, in fact, that when we sent our scouts into their Lands to look for further evidence of rebellion and seditious activity, there was quite literally none to be found. Thus did We proclaim Victory, and much celebration was seen to take place in our cities, and towns, and villages, and…well, frankly, Your Imperiousnesses, pretty much anywhere three or more citizens of the Prefecture did gather, there was celebration and merriment. Many stories of battle were told and heard, and the few members of the populace that failed to take part in that storied event were heard to wail and gnash their teeth at their utterly horrible luck.

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