A greener Lilies War

Lady Rhianwen is hoping that Lilies War attendees will take advantage of the recycling program at this year's War.

Rhianwen writes:

Recycling will be available at Lilies! We will be able to recycle the following materials:
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Aluminum cans (like pop cans)
  • #1 and #2 plastic bottles

Each material must be in a separate bag. You will be given bags of different colors for recycling at Troll - one for paper and cardboard, one for aluminum cans, and one for plastic bottles.

When you have a full bag, simply set the bag near (but not in) a trash can. A friendly recycler will whisk it away. Or, if you would like to go that extra mile, you could just pop the recycling into the recycling dumpster yourself!

If you think that managing multiple trash bags in your encampment might be complex, one option might be to put all of your recycling into a single container, then separate the materials right before setting the bags out.

This is a pilot project, and we're hoping everyone will choose to participate. If it's successful, we may be able to expand to other materials in future years.