Archery at Pennsic XXXVI

Dirk Edward of Frisia, Northern Oaken Regional Archery Marshal, discusses changes to archery at this year's War.

THL Dirk writes:

You may be wondering WHAT is happening with Pennsic Archery-- Ok- here is what I have from our Archer General Tarquin. This should also be posted at the Pennsic 36 website.

Please- Take note of the changes in the shoot- Marshals should emphasize the Castle window shoot in events and practices.


For KIDS and children
Youth War Points - kids will be able to shoot war points at the youth range. Details on the Pennsic website.

Youth Rose Archery tournament at War - Saturday, August 4


Pennsic Archery- Populace Shooting.

NEW- You can shoot the war point TWICE- it has to be on TWO different days. MAKE THIS KNOWN TO ALL

CLOUT- will be 40 ft diameter castle turret ( not 30ft ) with a tower in the center- 100 yards. Scoring is as follows- In the clout 1 point- Hit the tower- 2 points, Hit the window in the tower is 3 points.

SLOT / CASTLE WINDOW- will be a TIMED shoot- no limit of arrows in 30 seconds at 30 yards- Practice THIS shoot in particular. It will help you with the Advancing man, which will be very different this time.

ADVANCING MAN- NOTE!!!! +++ The target ranges have changed! +++ They will be: 15 yards, 25 yds, 35 yds, 45 yds, 55 yds, and 65 yds. ONE arrow at each target only- but there is NO TIME LIMIT. You have time to aim. This allows folks who have very little practice a chance to shoot some war points. Practicing at 30 yards for the castle window will make it easier to hit at 15, 25, 35 and 45 yards with little adjustment.

Get out there and shoot stuff! ( Safely of course) ;-)

Dirk Edward of Frisia
Northern Oaken Regional Archery Marshal

For more information, check the Pennsic 36 Archery website by clicking on "original article."