Mailing Lists on (Public Service Announcement) frequently republishes, with permission, announcements from the SCA Board of Directors. Many SCA members are not aware that this and other SCA-official mailing lists are open to the public. The server has a number of email lists for various purposes. The three most likely to be of interest to the general populace are:

The "Announcements" list carries official announcements from the Board of Directors. It is an announce-only list, not a discussion list, and it is the source of the BoD announcements that are carried (by permission) on Anyone who holds an administrative office should definitely subscribe to this low-traffic list, and other members of the populace who care about being informed of BoD-level policy changes may also want to consider subscribing.

The purpose of the "WebMinisters" and "Gen-exchequer" lists should be self-explanatory. Detailed descriptions of all three lists are available on the pages linked above. A master listing of all lists, including some that are restricted-membership for specific groups of officers, is available at .

A public service message from the publisher of