Uther and Kenna Heirs in Gleann Abhann

HE Viscount Sir Uther von Ziemer and HE Viscountess Kenna nic Ahearne are the new Crown Prince and Princess of Gleann Abhann.

Uther defeated HE Count Sir Aengus Mac Owen (fighting for HE Countess Meaghan Arsmith) in the final round.

Rounding out the final four were Lord John the Tall and Lord James the Holy.

Uther, squired to HG Duke Sir John the Bearkiller, and Kenna, apprenticed to Mistress Brigit Olesdottir of Loch Ree, will become the fifth king and queen of Gleann Abhann in November, and the first home-grown Count and Countess of Gleann Abhann when they step down.