Seeking Help for Baron Koppel

THL Sanchia the Sly has written an appeal for legal and financial help for a SCAdian whom she says is experiencing a crisis in the modern world. In a post to the East Kingdom list, THL Sanchia the Sly writes:

I know there are many people out there who know or remember Baron Koppel fun Baurieux, mka Ken Levinson, a Knight, Pelican, Heraldry God and an SCA legend that has been around almost as long as the organization itself. For the past few years, his activity has been mostly local in southern Trimaris, but he's still been a solid support in the SCA.

Today he is in crisis. He is indigent, needs medical assistance, continues to suffer from the depression that he has struggled with for years, and now the Department of Children and Families has decided that the solution to his problems is to force him out of his home and into a cramped Assisted Living Facility, in a room for two little bigger than a cell, in a bad part of town, where he would have a bed, some clothing and hardly anything else because there would be no room to put it.

Worst of all, they have taken the keys to his house and car, and I learned that there are plans to sell the house. What would happen to his personal library, years of accumulated research, his SCA keepsakes and treasures? I don't know, but I can picture them being thrown into a dumpster by ignorant hands while he wastes away in what amounts to a prison, since he is not permitted to leave unless he is under supervised care.

Mitch Silverman, a local attorney and former SCA member, will be looking into the matter to see what he can do. But even if he is able to regain Koppel's freedom, the original problem remains. Koppel got in this mess because his expenses were more than his income. He let medical and dental problems get worse because he couldn't afford the care. His housekeeping skills are lacking (like so many of us, it seems). And while he would no doubt resent the intrusion, he really needs someone to look after him.

I am asking anyone with ideas of how to help or where to find it to please contact me, Hon. Lady Sanchia the Sly, mka Bev Kaufman, at 954-746-7346, or by emailing me at . Also, could someone please cross-post this to the Trimaris email list, since I'm not on it anymore.

Hon. Lady Sanchia the Sly
mka Bev Kaufman

Editor's note: provides this letter verbatim, for the information of our readers. The staff of are not personally acquainted with the individuals involved in this situation. Reprinted by permission of the author.