Experts Rule "Jesus Box" a Fake

National Geographic News: The Israel Antiquities Authority has declared the controversial "Jesus Box" a fake. The first century ossuary, which bears the name of Jesus, was discovered last year. The authenticity of the ossuary box, discovered last year in Israel, was never in question. Experts have dated it as first century. The writing on the box, however has led to controversy. The box bears the words "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus," and experts now believe that this inscription is a forgery. If authentic, the box could have proven the historical existance of Jesus, something found thus far only in manuscripts.

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Additional story

There's a very good and very detailed story in the magazine Archeology (Sept. issue I believe) that discusses how the forgery was accomplished and also talks about a tablet that was also found to be a forgery. Fascinating!

Baroness Orianna AEthelmearc